Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iowa Surprise

We left for Iowa on Friday. My dad's birthday was Saturday and it was a total surprise to him that we were coming. All arranged by my step-mom who planned and bought plane tickets 2 months ago so we could celebrate with my dad. We hadn't seen them in 5 years! Yes, you really read that right. I hadn't seen my dad, step-mom or 13 year old brother in 5 years!!! And that means they had never met Jake. So we set off on Jake's 1st plane ride. Me, Jake, my sister Heather, & her little boy who is only 4 months older then Jake made it through Hartsfield Airport and onto a plane for a 2 hour flight where we actually landed in Illinois and then drove to my dad's house for the big surprise. He was totally shocked when we walked awesome to see the awe on his face when he said "hey."

We made it home Tuesday doing the whole plane, airport thing in reverse and finally getting to see my sweet hubby who Jake & I both missed very much. It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night with my hubby and not a 2 year old boy moving all over the bed. He seemed very happy to be back in his own bed too....sleepy much more sound then he had.

But even with all the sleep disruption and missing my hubby then trip was so worth it. And I think everyone had a great time seeing each again and getting to know each other for the 1st time.

All of this to say we are home and back to stuff that is more real life. Like cleaning and laundry. And oh yeah Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!! Thankfully (haha) we will be going to my mom's for the big meal, but I still have some sides and pies to make and grocery shopping to do before then. So a post full of pictures and detailed fun facts about our plane ride(Jake's 1st) and fun surprise trip which I couldn't mention anything about on the blog before now (you know dad does read this sometimes) will just have to come in later. Who knows I might get some super powers tonight to do it...since Jason is working super late and I am hoping to have my pies and stuff done in just a few short hours. So check back you just might get surprised too, but if not know that all of that fun Iowa trip stuff will be coming....but if might be after Thanksgiving!!

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  1. It was so incredible to have you here and the house just seems so empty with all of you gone. I hope that we get to see you guys before another 5 years passes!
    Bowling will just never be the same now :-)
    Oh yeah, don't forget to add dad back as a friend on Facebook - ha ha!