Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have had such a fun time with our giving over the last 6 days! It is amazing how I feel each day knowing that I am going to be giving from the heart. I really feel like it has made me a little cheerier already!

To top it off this Sunday at church we started a series called Fearless. All about being fearless with your finances and trusting God. And of course the 1st week was on being generous!!! It really has inspired me to look further into ways I can give. And has led to some great conversations with my hubby.

So here is our past 6 days in recap. Ideally I will be recaping our week of giving on Sundays or Mondays, but the past couple of days have been really busy and time has gotten away from me. The 1st day I sent a Christmas card to a sick little boy. Then Friday my journey group was taking up fresh fruit donations for a group home I was so excited to go get my bags of apples and tangerines to give to the men that live in the group home.

Saturday was probably the most fun so far. We put together a box for a boy age 2-4 for Operation Christmas Child. We picked up a list of things to fill the box and Jake helped put them in the box. This was our 1st big lesson in giving as Jake was really fond of the spider man car and football we were putting in the shoe box. He had a little melt down and crying that they were "mine," but after a few minutes he was ready to put them in the box. We took the shoe box to Lifeway Christian bookstore (which is really close to being my favorite store). We dropped off our box & I was able to do some shopping, as well as, get a Christmas gift for Jake. Then Sunday I used the Old Navy give and get coupon. 5% of what I spent was donated to charity. Monday we took some of our slightly used winter coats to Sears Lands End department for the Big Warm Up and they will be donated to the homeless. And then today was a super easy click and give. Just by clicking on a link a donation was made to help stop child abuse.

I am so excited to see the things that God places in front of us as ways to give! 24 more days in our 30 days of giving, but we just might keep on going!!! Here are some pictures of us getting our Operation Christmas Child Shoe box together!

Also please note that you can click on any of the links to find out more about the places we have been giving. Most of what we did this week was totally free to us and can be to you too.

On our way to drop of our shoe box
Putting the final item in the box

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