Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music Tuesday

Every Tuesday for 8 or so weeks in the fall and then again in the spring Jake & I go to a mommy & me music class. A friend of mine's sister does it out of her house and it is so much fun. We went for the 1st time in the spring of this year. The 1st few weeks Jake would not let me put him down. Which was fine we just did the marching songs and stuff with me carrying him. No big deal. Several weeks into (in fact it might have been 2 weeks before the session ended) Jake started getting down and he would at least just stand or sit next to me...still not doing hand motions or anything like that. The fall session started back in September and next week is our last week. When we started going this time he was more comfortable and would sit with me and pay attention. About 2 weeks ago he started fully participating. He was doing the hand and leg motions and marching was the cutest thing ever. And it really made my heart proud to see him liking it so much (in front of the other mom's). I forgot to mention that before when he didn't want to participate as soon as we would get in the car to leave he would ask me to sing the "bee" song or the "finger" song. But here he was in front of the group going along with all the songs. He still won't do the train at the end, but that is fine he and I just walk around in the circle behind the train. Of course this week I had to bring my camera to get pictures of us during our music class. We are sad next Tuesday is our last class until January, but we will be practicing the songs during our break and hopefully Jake will come back with just as much enthusiasm has he has picked up these last couple of weeks. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Jennifer for so generously offering her time to pray, sing & read with our sweet children.

For so many weeks this is how Jake would stand during the class, but right next to me
Playing with the scarves..."pop goes the weasel"

Where are the bees?
They are hidden inside where no body sees
here they come out of the hive 1,2, 3, 4, 5...tickle

clapping along with the song
playing with the instruments
hmm...which one to pick?

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