Thursday, November 12, 2009

"The Gimmes"

In a world full of "gimmes" and "I wants" it is a challenge to raise a child who is not that way. Not to say that it is impossible, but you have to be intentional about helping it to not happen. Jake is fully in the "mine" stage of being 2. I am trying to help him see everything is not his. Although, this is a daily and some times hourly lesson I still keep guiding him. Letting him know that not everything is his and it is nice to share. Or even if it does belong to him it would be better to give it with a happy heart then yell "mine."

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog The Finer Things In Life and read her post about how her family had accepted the 30 day giving challenge which began on Nov. 1st. Tons of people have joined in and have been sharing all of the things they have been doing to give over the last 12 days in November. It doesn't have to be monetary giving any kind of heartfelt giving is the challenge.

So we are accepting the challenge and signing on to intentionally give for the next 30 days. Since I am behind in the times and just found out about it yesterday we did our 1st intentional act of
giving today and will continue until we have made it 30 days.

I will be posting about our families giving throughout our 30 days. This is not to boast, but simply to share what we are doing in our family. And since this whole blog is really just a journal for Jake this will be where I can keep a record of what we are doing. And maybe after reading some of the free or inexpensive ways we are giving you might be inspired to give too.

After all this is the season of giving!!!

I have already started a list of ways to give and have been searching the internet and following other bloggers ideas of what they have given. But we will also be using this time prayerfully asking God to send us ways to give and glorify him through this all. Because really giving is all about giving to God's Kingdom for his glory not for our family.

I am really hoping that from this we as a family will continue to intentionally give each day throughout the year to each other and our community. And mostly that this will begin a foundation of "the givings" instead of "the gimmes" for our little boy!!!

And because I am sure you are all wondering what our 1st day of giving was...we mailed a Chirstmas card to a sweet boy named Noah who is very sick and is celebrating Christmas this week with his family.


  1. Love.This.
    I'm going to have to look into it myself. I agree with you about the 'gimme gimme'. Both of my kids have already started!! Its a constant battle to make sure they remember how lucky they are.

  2. So inspiring!

    I am encouraged by your compassionate and caring heart.

    I look forward to reading your ideas in the upcoming weeks...