Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wondering about out Garden?

It has been several weeks since I posted a garden update.  After our trip to the beach it has been hard to get back into a regular routine and back to taking as many pictures. But finally here is a garden update.

We are into week 11 and it still seems to be going a little slow.

I try really hard to not compare to other garden's, but it is hard. Especially when I see my in laws have tons of tomatoes. However, Jason did remind me that their plants were a lot bigger then our plants when we planted them. So we are probably a couple weeks behind them in how our garden should be. That made me feel better about how our garden is coming along.
                                         A couple cucumbers....these 2 jalapenos were growing from the same stem...
We have gotten a couple of tomatoes, tons of jalapenos, several cucumbers and a couple green peppers too. Our carrots are doing great, but not really sure when to pick them. It is hard when they are hidden under ground to know for sure when they are ready. It seems after only a couple squash...that our squash plants really were ruined in a hail storm several weeks back.

But other then things seeming like they have been slow to is all still growing out there and new growth is appearing every day.

Did you plant a garden this year? How are your crops shaping up?

A couple of our watermelon growing...we have about 7 growing right now and several more tiny ones.

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