Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling Guilty

Being pregnant this summer has really changed the way things are going around our house. And I hate to say I feel guilty about it.

Over the last 4 weeks I have been sick. Like the all day every minute, don't turn your head to fast nauseous kind of pregnant sick. I know this is mostly normal(there are the select few who don't get this during pregnancy), I didn't have it like this with Jake. Usually there was only a couple hours in the evening I didn't feel well. Along with being tired...this pregnancy is different.

This is not an attempt to complain about being sick...I may not feel well, but WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! Being sick is to be expected during this stage & I am ok with this.

But this pregnancy is different not only with the sickness, but I have Jake this time. When I was pregnant with Jake there wasn't another child I felt like I was leaving out.

Here is where my guilt has been...I spend a lot of time lying on the couch. Do you know what Jake does while I am lying on the couch? Most days he watches tv, brings his toys in the living room to play himself. Of course, he at 3 1/2 years old has never complained about having to watch tv or play alone. We do have times when we read books together or color...but I don't feel like it makes up for all the time he spends playing alone.

But I feel bad not playing with him.

Were you sick when you were pregnant? What did your children do to entertain themselves?

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  1. Ohhhh - how I relate to this!! I am almost 27 weeks with #2 and have an 18-month old. It's been much harder this time! I remember my 1st trimester, being 100xs more sick than the first time - and there were times that my son (then 15 months old) would play so nicely while momma dozed on the couch. I felt soooooo bad!!!! But it's temporary. I am feeling much better now - even though I am still pretty fatigued. It'll pass - and then the little guy will have a new playmate. :) And a reason to be momma's big helper.