Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily Moments (7/10-7/16)

Well, I suppose a daily moments from last week is better a day late then none at all. Hopefully I can get next weeks up on Tuesday. But until then enjoy some pictures from last week.

 Sunday-July 10th-We celebrated Caleb's 4th birthday at a pirate ship in door sand box place. The biggest hit for all the kids & the daddies was there air cannons that shot soft little balls.

Monday-July 11th-Sometimes when we are out watering the garden I spray Jake with the hose...and he loves it. Today after we finished watering the garden he stripped down to his underwear and played in the sprinkler.

Tuesday- July 12thJake & I made homemade was a big hit & super easy to make. It only calls for glue, water, & borax.  I got the directions from here, but I am sure you can google it.

Wednesday-July 13th- We finally made it to see Cars 2 in 3D. Surprisingly Jake kept his 3D glasses on the whole time. When it first started he kept saying "whoa," every time something seemed close to him.

Thursday-July 14th- Our 1st look at our sweet baby....11 weeks.

Jake spent Thursday & Friday night with his Mawmaw & Papa Jack. We missed him terribly the whole time he was gone. I am sure he didn't miss us nearly as much as we missed him & I know he had tons of fun. But I didn't take any pictures while he was gone.

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  1. I used to love running around in the sprinkler when I was little! One of the first things we're doing...when we have a yard ;)