Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Moments (7/17-7/23)

Daily moments of our summer...can't believe we are so close to the end of July.

Sunday-July 17th-Jake & Daddy in matching swim trunks. I know Jake's eyes are closed, but I loved his hand on his hip. Jason had these blue swim trunks & a few weeks ago Jake saw his at Old Navy & was so excited. He told me "he needed them because boys should match their daddy's & be the same." Thankfully they were on sale because after that explanation I couldn't tell him no.

Monday-July 18th-one of our new pets...we got Jake a fish tank(post coming later this week). This is a yellow mickey mouse fish...can you see the black mickey mouse in it's tail?

Wednesday-July 20th-When baking cup cakes with Mommy of course the best part is licking the beater! Yummy & Messy!

Thursday-July 21st-Jake brought several of his puzzles into the living room this morning. Seems this is how a lot of our days have looked lately...lots of toys in the living room.

Saturday-July 23rd-Nana bought the big boys these foam airplanes, of course it was up to Pawpaw to help all the boys put their planes together. I love how they were all surrounding Pawpaw while he worked. (pic taken on cell phone, not the best)

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