Friday, July 1, 2011

Time on the Town

One of our favorite things about where we stay in Florida is Baytowne Warf. It is a little village with shops, restaurants, and fun entertainment.

One night the grass area was filled with fun jumpies for the kids and a balloon making clown. Here are a few pictures from some of our time on the town. (excuse the pictures...these were taken with Jason's cell phone at night)

 Playing with the giant checker board
 One of my favorite pictures of Jake...especially since he is usually in the "don't take my picture" mood

 Telling the clown he wanted a red sword
 And his finished red sword...(again bad pictures from the cell phone)


  1. That giant checker board is way too much fun!

  2. Very cool! We used to spend afternoons at Kemah Boardwalk in Texas, it was on the bay and similar. I miss it very much- the old style shops, rides, great food, so many memories! I can't wait to take the kids there one day :)

    I love the new blog layout by the way!