Monday, July 18, 2011

12 Weeks

My goodness it seems so surreal to already be at 12 weeks. Had a doctors appointment last week & everything looks great. They did an ultrasound to confirm my due date. Which was such a sweet surprise to see our tiny baby(now the size of a lime, according to baby center.) on the screen looking so perfect. It was great to be able to see & hear the heart beat...beating at a steady 169 BPM. They did change my due date from my estimated February 4th to now January 30th...but I am sure you all know how due dates go!

This pregnancy has been different from Jake's & I really have been feeling sick ALL THE TIME. The past couple weeks I have finally had a few days here and there that I feel ok. It is then followed by a day I feel horrible the whole day. So I have yet to get too excited about my feeling good days. (even though I did have a couple in a row this week)!

Looking forward to being at the end of the feeling sick...but torn between wishing my pregnancy away. I mostly enjoy being pregnant and want to soak in every moment of this time. Jason says 2 is good for us so it makes me want to remember every moment of this pregnancy and take it all in. What if I really never do it again? Of course nothing is set in stone yet.

I have had a few cravings...mashed potatoes(I think I might even dreams about them), ice cream & milk have stuck around for a little while. I have the super strong pregnancy nose(way worse then with Jake). I feel like I live in a permanent state of something stinking or just smelling way too strong. Some food has started to taste different certain things stick out way more. Yesterdays grilled veggies were way too lemony even though I love grilled veggies.

Jake is super excited about the baby & talks about it all the time. He wants to rub my belly(not really baby yet), he talks to the baby & everything he does he can't wait to show the baby when it gets here. It is so fun to hear him talk about the baby so often. Praying his excitement sticks around once the baby is here.

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