Monday, February 7, 2011

Lessons Learned

We recently redid Jake's room and gave him a big boy room! There are always lessons to be learned during these things. Here are a few we learned during this short little redo project.
Sometime I should listen to Jason on paint choices. He wanted to go with a darker color & I wanted to go with the color that looked most like the bedding. Turns out the gray I chose looks a little to light.

Everyone tells you your kids will grow so fast. Giving Jake a big boy room really hit that home. I honestly try and enjoy each minute with him because I know every time I blink he grows a little bit and seems a little older. Giving him a big boy room 4 years after finding out we were pregnant(almost to the day) made for some tears on redo day. Kids grow way too fast, but you will never understand this until you are in it. 100'S of people can tell you this while you are pregnant, but it just doesn't have the same meaning.

Don't ever use border!! Well, I suppose if you never plan to take it down it might be ok. Taking down the 1 strip of border Jake had going around his room was the hardest(physical) part of redoing Jake's room. And then trying to paint where the border was provided to be another struggle. Several coats of paint later and it looks fine now. But NEVER use border!!!

It was very bittersweet giving Jake his bog boy room. Converting his toddler bed(which had been converted from his crib) into a full size bed was exciting for him, but pretty sad for us. His full size bed is so big and theoretically will be his bed until he goes away to college( picture a big teenage boy in his full size bed when he looks so small in it right now).

Jake loves his room and his big boy bed and even a week later still refers to it as his big boy bed instead of just his bed. And as this week has gone on I have grown to really enjoy reading books to him from his bed instead of his rocking chair, cuddling on his bed before he falls asleep, and accepting my 3 year old big boy that he is.

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