Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Moments (2/6-2/12)

Finally a daily moments posts. I didn't put one up last week. I think I only had 2 pictures from the previous week so I didn't even put up a post. But I do have almost a whole week of pictures to share this week. I am missing a picture for Saturday, but still pretty good for a week of pictures.

 Sunday-February 6th-Superbowl Sunday. The only picture I took from our superbowl day. These are the super yummy sliders we made. Some of them had swiss cheese with mushrooms and onions, some had no cheese, and some had American cheese. Yum!!!

Monday-February 7th- What is a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods if you don't get to play with all the golf clubs and practice putt?

Tuesday-February 8th-Chick-Fil-A Dates are so much fun with Jake. I really enjoy hanging out with my sweet boy. And of course he loves to play in the play place when we are finished eating.

Wednesday-February 9th-Enjoying the fire. Jake loves when we have a fire in the evenings. And says "he wants to sit & get warm and cozy." You see the book on the corner of my coffee table? "One Thousand Gifts:A dare to live fully right where you are" by Ann Voskamp. This book with change your life! Just a little side note.
Thursday-February 10th-It snowed again in Georgia! Although, this was a very mild snow it started later on Wednesday evening the ground was mostly covered Thursday morning and by late Thursday afternoon the snow was gone. But seriously I am SO OVER the snow!!! If I don't see snow for 2 more years I would be a happy girl.

Friday-February 11th-We made heart shaped smore's today. We used cookie cutters to cut graham crackers into hearts. Dyed marshmallow fluff pink & melted chocolate. Spread hearts with the marshmallow and melted chocolate sandwich together with a stick in between the two. We refrigerated for a few minutes so that they would harden and the stick wouldn't fall out. A fun pre-Valentine's day treat.

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  1. You're making me want to read "One Thousand Gifts" even more than I already do! ;)

    Also - You are such a fun mom. I would have never thought to make heart-shaped s'mores.