Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mommy Dates

Jake & I are together almost all the time...which I LOVE and can't imagine being any other way. Sometimes when he & I  do things together I say we are on a "mommy date."

A couple weeks ago we had a mommy date at Panera Bread and Barnes & Noble with some walking around the little shopping area looking at the fountains. Jake kept saying "this exciting mommy" and I thought so too. It was fun just the two of us on our Mommy Date.

At Panera there was a boy there with his mom who looked about 20 (he was calling her mom or I might have thought she was a cougar). I just kept thinking I hope when Jake is close to 20 he will still go on Mommy Dates for dinner on a Friday night.

Then at Barnes & Noble we got our usual me a frappuccino him a milk. We took them outside & sat on the benches watching the fountains. He kept wanting to say "cheers" and tap our drinks together. After each one he would say "this fun." I loved it....he loved it too! Just us on our Mommy Date.

This week while shopping at Lifeway I saw a book. I had never heard of. It was on sale for ONLY $2.99 and tell the truth I probably would have bought the book even if it was $20.

Karen Kingsbury's "Let's Go On A Mommy Date." 

Oh my gosh someone else goes on  Mommy dates too. I didn't even read the book just bought it. Usually I read ever children's book before I buy it. Some stories I just don't like so I want to be sure. Not this one...I had to have it.

Jake & I read the book tonight before bed.

I totally cried at the end...Jake kept saying "are you ok, mommy?" It was so true & if you know me at all you know that since the day my sweet boy was born I have always said "I don't want my boy to ever leave me."

So here you go the last part of this fun book!

"See, time will take you far from here; you're growing way too fast. All I want is Mommy time to make the moments last. Something we'll remember so that come some far-off day, you'll know how much I loved you 'cause we took the time to play."

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  1. What a wonderful mom you seem to be, Melissa! I love how much you LOVE your little boy. :)