Monday, May 10, 2010

I did it...

And I am already looking into doing another one!!!

I walk/ran a 5K!!! 

Didn't have the best time(47:47), but wasn't last either. There were lots of people that finished after me. But the main goal was to finish...and I did!!!  I only ran the few little down hill parts and walked really fast the rest. There were moments when I thought I couldn't go any farther & wondered why in the world I ever thought doing a 5K would be fun.

But then I could see the finish line and heard my family and friends call my name & cheer me on. In that moment it was all worth it. Once I crossed the finish line and got my water I felt great! Hot & sweaty, yes, but I didn't collapse or even need to sit down.

I DID IT!!! And really my friends and I who did it together (well kind of...3 of us started together, but didn't stay together & my other amazing friend RAN the WHOLE thing) all decided we were ready for another one. I am thinking in another 3 weeks or so...I want to get more training and run more maybe a whole mile straight for the next one.

I really feel like I climbed Mt. Everest or some other great thing people do. I feel amazing for accomplishing a goal that I set!

Some annoying things along the way.

I hadn't even made it to the 1 mile mark when this really fast guy(he was the winner) was passing by me on his way back...amazing!

Serving pancakes at the end of a 5K just seems crazy. When I had finished I had no desire to eat right away. And people along the way from mile 2 on kept cheering "go, you are almost there...there are pancakes at the end." (not just to me...I heard it said to the people ahead of me and behind me). When I am walking as fast as I can or running and hot & sweaty I promise the only thing the sound of a pancakes makes me want to do is throw up.

Great things: seeing my family on the side near the finish line. My wonderful hubby & sweet son who was holding a sign that said "go mommy." Thanks mom for making those ;) My step-dad, sister, & nephew all came out super early too. And my best friend and her husband who both ran the whole thing with GREAT times waiting with the rest of my family for me after they finished. My friend who I started with was cheering me on right at the finish as she finished faster then I did & then her & I waited on the finish line for our other friend to come across.

Getting a t-shirt!!

At the moment the volunteers on the side of the road looked like a great way to spend time instead of actually participating. But after it was over I can really say that it feels GREAT to have accomplished something so big and I am really looking forward to the next one!!!


  1. Yay that's so exciting!!! I want to run (well speedily walk) one with you. I've been wanting to do one for quite a while!! Let me know when you are going to sign up for one again please!! And again, congratulations!!!!!! =)

  2. I'm ready for another... let's sign up!

  3. That is awesome!!!!Great job, it has been many years since I have run in a 5K, I can walk 18 holes of golf but I don't know about running a 5k since there is no stopping to play a golf shot.

  4. YOU DID IT! Doesn't it feel great? I felt so exhilarated after my first 5K -they're so motivating (and a little bit addicting). :)