Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Half...a little note to my boy

Two & a half!!! Half way to THREE that much farther from TWO!

Sadness, Joy, excitement, & anxiety are all the things I feel at you turning 2 1/2!

Already you are such a little boy no baby anywhere to be found. Although, we haven't made you give up your paci & blankie and you have no desire to do so. When I tell you that big boys don't have paci's & ask if you are a baby? You reply so matter of fact with "no, my Jake." But sometimes you will turn to me and say "mommy, my a baby." Which melts my heart...because really you will always be my baby. Even if you don't understand that now. Or when I won't let you have your paci, you look at me and say, "but my tired." Because really I "try" to only let you have it when it is nap or bed time. Sweet boy the time of the paci is going to come to an end very soon. One more thing to make you seem even more grown up.

You carry on the best conversations. And your little voice is so much fun to listen to. We talk all the time. And all though your "why?" 10,000 times a day can get a little out of control...I really try to answer every "why?" And remind myself that you are just being curious and learning. You really are super smart!!

Your imagination is out of this world.  The things you come up with make me laugh all day long!!! We spend so much time laughing!  You sometimes have an imaginary dog named, Missy and it is too cute to see  you get a high pitched voice and call "Missy" to come to you. And sometimes you feed imaginary police men that are in our back yard. There is a bird that flies around in our back yard and for some reason you have decided this bird is your's . You can even tell the difference when other birds come & we ask if they are your bird. You get so frustrated with your bird because it always flies away when you try to catch it. You say "my just want my bird right here on my hand"(pointing at your hand). But you usually run out the back door yelling, "come here bird." So it is no wonder that it always flies away when you try to get it.

We still have our hard days with discipline. I can't turn my back for more then a second without you getting into something. And you tend to tell me "no" when I ask you to do something. But this has gotten better too.

Even between the difficult times you being 2 1/2 is so much fun! And I am so blessed to see you change, learn, & grow every day. I truly feel that being home is where I am supposed to be. I can't imagine missing one minute of our days.

I can't believe in 6 short months you will be the BIG 3! I love you sweet boy and look forward to every day with you!

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