Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I did a quick recap when we got home, but I haven't shared any pictures.

Friday we flew to Iowa(actually IL and then drove to Iowa) to surprise my dad for his birthday! It was so great to get there and see everyone. This was both Jake & my nephew's 1st trip on a plane. I was more nervous about getting through the Atlanta airport then the actual flight. Really, have you been to Hartsfield it is way TOO big and can be a little confusing. Not to mention that the TSA people are not very friendly or into answering any of your questions. But we made it through the airport no problem and then had to wait at our gate for a while since we were so early. Both boys did great on the airplane. We brought lots of snacks, books, & one of the biggest hits play-doh. Neither of the boys slept for the majority of our 2 hour flight. Caleb fell asleep about 45 minutes before we landed and of course Jake fell asleep as the plane started to land. By the time we got to our gate he had probably only been asleep for 10 minutes. But we did have an hour and a half ride to my dad's from the airport.

Of course my Dad was super surprised when we came walking in his house. He had no idea we were coming. I can't believe my step-mom was able to keep us a secret for 2 months. Heather & I talked about the trip almost every day from the day we had the tickets.

Saturday was the big day for Birthday celebration. We were able to spend a little bit of time with our Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, & cousins at the party. It was nice to see everyone. Some of them we hadn't seen in 11 years and a few were able to come to GA for my wedding 5 years ago. But still too long. Then of course there were some of my dad's friends there too. With lots of yummy snacks and hanging out.

Saturday morning we also had a mishap with my dad's sweet(umm...maybe not really so sweet) dog Penny. While the boys were watching tv Penny jumped up next to them. The dog bit Jake on his cheek. Yes, you read that right. A bite. See picture. Yes, the dog is easily excited and doesn't do too well with small children in her house. She hated it every time my dad, brother or step-mom would pick up one of the boys and of course the boys are boys and like running around and being noisy. This too would lead to more barking, and growling. But the not so sweet dog even snapped at Jake when he was nicely petting her and I was sitting right there with him. This didn't really change Jake, he still like petting her and wanted to try and play with her. I will admit that after the biting incident I was ready to kick the dog out or get out myself. (sorry dad & Michele if you are reading this). But thankfully the dog incident didn't ruin our trip. We had a great time at my Dad's party on Saturday!!! And enjoyed our stay and spending time with our family!
Can you see his right cheek?
The infamous dog, Penny!
My dad, me & my sister
As soon as the cake arrived the boys kept checking it out and asking to eat it
Finally enjoying their cake

Ok, I still have more to post about our great trip to Iowa, but this post is long enough as it is. Stay tuned for more Iowa pictures.

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  1. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO sorry about Penny. I wish we could have had her stay somewhere for the whole time you guys were here. I'm so sad that you wrote this. I wish you would have told me how upset you were. I wasn't there when Penny bit Jake and I would for sure have sent her to Aunt Debbie's or SOMEWHERE rather than have you be upset. I'm so sorry again. I'm glad that it didn't affect Jake and that he still liked to pet Penny.