Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bowling...more Iowa

So bowling is a pretty big deal in Iowa. I can say that I don't know anyone here in Georgia who is on a bowling league, but it seemed pretty big there. My dad is on a league, my brother is on a league and then my brother and dad are on a league together. Both are pretty good dad has now bowled two 300 games (in case you don't know that is a perfect bowling score)...WOW!!!

But while we were in Iowa we went to watch the parent/child league and of course eat some yummy bowling alley french fries. Although, Michele(my step-mom) hates just about everything about a bowling alley she so graciously came and hung out with us too. As well as ran around with the boys who were bored pretty quickly of watching.

But then we went back another day to all play together. Even Jake & Caleb bowled. They didn't have shoes small enough for their feet, but they did get their own balls and a fun ramp to push the ball down so it would make it all the way down the lane. Do you remember that I said my dad has bowled a 300? Well apparently Heather & I didn't get any of that bowling gene Heather bowled like a 40 something and I bowled a 60 something. Umm...that would equal to TERRIBLE!!! But we all had so much fun throwing the ball down the lane. That the score didn't really matter. Even the boys loved it. Bowling in at their high scores of Jake- 37 Caleb-54(but I am thinking he might have had a little help with that). The boys might have had just as much fun hanging out in the game area with Michele. Thankfully they have no idea you put money in the machine and it does stuff. They just had fun pushing buttons and looking in the machines that they didn't care they weren't doing anything.

Every time someone threw the ball Jake would clap. He would only push his ball down the ramp with his pointer fingers. As soon as the ball was off he was clapping. He was so excited for himself.

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  1. I had just as much fun taking them to the game room. Too bad all the machines were "broken." Let's hope it's a long time before they realize how they REALLY work!