Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real vs Fake

We picked out our tree on Sunday after only going to 2 places. We always start at either Home Depot or Lowes because they have the cheapest tree. Most years we are able to find a decent one and walk away spending $40 or so.

However, my favorite place to get trees is Pike Nursery. Obviously you can see that I am no rugged outdoor girl I get my Christmas tree from a store. But I have never experienced cutting down our own tree...I could like that too. But for now Pike is my favorite place. Have you ever been? They hang all of their trees from the ceiling just a tiny bit above the ground. When you are walking through you can't really tell if they are touching or not. But the are really just floating there. Rows & Rows of floating trees. If you give them a slight touch they spin around. Because the trees are floating from the ceiling and not just thrown in a pile you can tell the fullness and shape immediately. There isn't that whole wait a couple of days for the tree to "fall." Needless to say I love Pike and every year secretly wish we could just go there. But most years the price stops us and we find a good tree somewhere else.

This year after heading to Lowe's as our first stop and dear sweet hubby picking up at least 20 or more trees. Both of us agreed we didn't like any of them. So it would be off to Home Depot to try them. But instead my wonderful hubby took me to the greatest tree place on earth PIKE!!! We walked in and it was like tree wonderfulness. Of course we were able to find the most perfect tree in only a few minutes. The tree was $10 more then at Lowe's, but it was so worth the prettyness and fun of walking through and spinning the floating trees.

But this is where the fake comes in and I can't even believe I am talking about this or the thought has even crossed my mind. I have always said that we would have a REAL tree forever. The smell & the fun of picking out a tree could never be replaced by a fake tree. And I am sorry, but those candles that say Christmas tree scent they have nothing on the smell of a real tree.

Do you have a real tree or fake tree? Have you ever had the opposite of what you have now? What do you love about your type of tree? Please tell me in the comments I would love to know.

After leaving Lowes with no tree. I (yes, me) actually asked my hubby what he thought of getting a fake tree at the end of this season. You know when they all go on sale for really cheap. We could get a t $200 tree for fairly inexpensive at the end of the year. And just think if we used it for 10 years that would only cost us $20 a year. Plus we could just pull it out of the attic each year and know that it would be whatever height and fullness we wanted. Plus they have trees with lights on them. We wouldn't have to put the lights on and take them off each year. And really fake is better for the environment. Think of all the trees we could save. But really they would still be cut down waiting at the store for someone else to buy...right? A fake tree really sounded like a kind of good idea. For next year of course. I was already on the mission for my real tree.

Once we went to the beloved Pike and picked out our wonderful tree...the thought of fake quickly faded. We both agreed this was our best tree in a couple of years. (probably since we went to Pike 4 years ago)

Could I really do a fake tree? Oh the smell each morning as I am walking down my stairs and it hits me so fresh and Christmasy. I love it and just don't know if I can give it up. I might look at some when they go on sale, but don't hold your breath....I am sure real is still in our future. And I guess the hunt for just the right tree is part of the fun too.

But really let me know what you think of your tree.


  1. I love Pike's too! No where else is near as good, and I hate picking up trees & trying to guess how they will look.

    I have always been a real tree person to, but lately I have also been thinking maybe fake. Mostly just for the enviromental reasons, but really you're my gauge on all things earth friendly. So as long as you go real so am I!!!

  2. We've had a fake tree ever since we got married. It's awful. I grew up having a real one, so our tree just has never felt like Christmas. Ryan's been super-against buying real because he's so proud of the deal he got on our tree (it was $25 on Black Friday, but I hate it...I mean, you can even see the fake pole in the middle! :( ) So, he actually agreed that next year we can get REAL. I'm beyond excited. I hesitated just a smidge because of the earth-friendly factor, but, seriously, those trees will be cut down anyway. I'm already awful to trees because of all the notebook paper we use in this house LOL Bottom line...if you want it to smell and feel like Christmas...stick with REAL!