Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas Day

This Christmas was filled with joy & blessings! It was the 1st year in 6 that Jason & I stayed at our own house Christmas Eve night. We usually spend the night at my mom's where she & my step-dad still "played" Santa. The real deal sneaking presents out under the tree in the middle of the night filling stockings while we slept and even addressing some of our presents "from Santa." If you ask me or my sisters we still "believe" in Santa. This was the 1st year that our presents were actually wrapped under my mom's tree before Christmas day. But it was ok to leave that tradition behind...after all we are all grown adults with our own children now.

But this year with Jake getting older and knowing more about Christmas we thought it was time we spent Christmas Eve night at our own house. It was so fun "being" Santa in our own home this year. Getting all the gifts out for Jake and putting together the BIG toy. And then of course Jason eating the Santa cookie. But the biggest joy was Jake coming down the stairs Christmas morning and saying "yook, pessents" as soon as he saw them. And then as he rushed to the tree he passed the Santa plate and stopped saying, "Santa eat my cookies." He was so excited about those. He immediately went over and began playing with his work bench and saying he was "fising" everything. It was so much fun watching him and the excitement on his face as he opened each gift. Taking time to thoroughly check out what each one was. Then pushing buttons if it had any and then it was on to the next.

It was even more fun for me as I opened the best present of all my Bright red Kitchenaid mixer from my amazingly wonderful hubby. But then Jake was so excited for me too and said "daddy & my bought that for you." He was so excited for me to open my gift that he & Jason had picked out for me. So after all it seemed that even with all the things he received this year we are still building a heart of giving in our sweet little boy. (side note: with my mixer I also got $60 Khols cash (did I mention I have an amazing husband) but while Jake & I were at Khols looking at what I was going to buy he saw the mixers and said "yook, daddy & my bought for you." )

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas!! Enjoy some pictures from our Christmas day.

The after math...huge mess, but so much fun!!

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  1. Oh what wonderful pictures! It looks like you have started a wonderful tradition of your own. I love how you put Jake's words in your posts. I can just hear him saying all that - how cute :-)
    Thanks for all the great pictures.