Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jake loves telling us that Santa says "ho, ho, ho." He also will tell you all about the "cany can" santa gave him or sitting on Santa's "yap." And for some reason every time Jake bumps a body part or makes up a "boo-boo" for me to kiss when I ask him what happened he says "Santa, hurt me." No idea why he thinks Santa hurts,but since Santa is his new favorite thing to talk about Santa also gets all the pretend blame.

Yes, we invite Santa to our Christmas. I know lots of people who don't "do" the Santa stuff. He isn't the center of our focus, but he does come to our house and bring presents. There is just something so magical about believing in Santa. And I think as long as we are teaching Jake the true meaning of Christmas that it is the day we celebrate the birth of our savior the greatest gift ever given!!! Then there is no harm in believing in a jolly man who brings good cheer and kindness to well as some presents too ;)

Last year we started the tradition of having Jake's picture taken with Santa along with his cousin who is 4 months older then him. Last years picture both boys were crying and totally freaked out by the jolly man. This year I thought would be even worse. Jake is all about talking about Santa and telling us what Santa says. But if the Santa talks or makes any kind of motion he is terrified. So I thought once the real Santa started talking to him he would be over it. But this Santa was so great and gave him a candy cane and then Jake just sat on his lap. He looks scared to death, but he is sitting on his lap. My nephew was crying, but nothing like last year.

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