Wednesday, September 30, 2009

23 Months

I took several pictures today this was the best I could get...saying "cheese"

One month from today we will celebrate 2 wonderful years with my sweet little boy. I can't believe he will be 2! For some reason turning 2 just seems so big compared to when he turned 1. It is almost like he was still a baby then, but now he will really be a toddler.

I don't think there is too much new from his 22 month update. Can you believe only 1 more time will I give a monthly update...of course there will still be plenty of updates on the blog, but not a monthly Jake update. I am really struggling with this turning 2 stuff...crazy I know! far as updates....he is speaking in full sentences now. He will say things like " please. mommy. I. want. more." Or "mommy. turn. light. on." The periods added to emphasize that he pauses after each word. Every time you do something he doesn't want you to do (like tonight when I was drying him off from the bath) he says "mommy. be. nice." He also tells me to "share" when we are playing, but he really just wants the toy or he is already holding the toy and doesn't want me to touch.

We started our mommy and me music class this month. It is going ok. The 1st week Jake was really shy (of course that is nothing new), and then this week he did great for the first few songs and loved shaking his instrument, but after that he just wanted to run around the room and play with other toys that were there. But it is fun for us to get out and do something for him.

I guess that is all for this month! Oh MY month will be the BIG 2 year old boy update. What a wonderful blessing these last 23 months have been! I am looking forward to so many more, but oh just a little bit of sadness for my precious tiny baby boy!

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  1. Oh I know how sad this can be and am experiencing it all over again with Liam but as you know along with the sadness and growing comes much more fun. It only gets more amazing with each year ( even with the 2nd boy). ;-) Jake has grown into such a handsom little man and only gets sweeter. To think, you didnt know what you would do with a boy...

    May you continue to experience the Joy of Jake!