Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Soccer

Took the morning and enjoyed some hot weather out on the soccer field. My oldest nephew had his 1st soccer game so all of us went out to cheer him on. He did great and was so excited that we were all there cheering for him. Here are a few pics from his game today (mostly for our family readers). He is #5!!
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!

After being a starter he had to come sit out for the others to play
A good job hug from his cousin (the sun was right behind me so Jake wouldn't look)
Jake, Tyler, & Caleb watching the game
Jake thinking he is playing soccer too
Team huddle...then they said go White team ( I guess they don't really have names)
Some game action shots

Because Austin wears a white & black shirt Tyler had to wear this to match
Right before the game started out on the field

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