Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fair Fun = Fall Season Kick off

I guess down here in the south football season really makes things feel like fall. But then very close comes the North Georgia State Fair. We have gone every year since moving to the good ole' south.

I love it...the rides, the people and of course yummy fair food. I put rides in there, but really I can't ride fair rides any more. No one tells you that after having a baby you might have things you didn't have before....like serious motion sickness. And almost every ride at the fair goes in a circle and makes me feel totally ugh...yuck!!! I did get to ride one ride that just drops you straight down super fun and scary.

Jake had a great time. He rode the carousel which he hated at first. PawPaw was a great sport and rode with him since it makes me sick & Jason had just gotten off a ride. I was the mean mom who made him stay on even when he was screaming as soon as his PawPaw tried to sit him on the horse. But a few minutes into the ride he stopped crying and started to enjoy going around. Then he asked to ride the cars. He was doing fine getting in the car, but then the fair worker started touching him to buckle him in and that was the end of that ride. This time I was nice and he got off before the ride started. He too loved the food, of course, he loves all junk food. And seem to really enjoy walking around checking out the people and lights.

We had a great time together as a family spending a nice cool night outside. Fall temperatures have arrived just in time. It is SO nice outside. I love summer and the really hot weather, but toward the middle of August I start really wanting fall to come. I am sure since I turned the air off today the temps will be back in the 90's next week.
Here are a few pictures of our fun night!!!

Finally enjoying the ride when it is almost over
Sharing a yummy funnel cake with PawPaw
I put this pick up because it is super cute, but also if you look at his right hand he has his fingers crossed...this is a new thing he does & he doesn't even realize he is doing it...if you ask him to do it he can't. He also can't do it with his left hand. Too cute!

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