Thursday, September 3, 2009

22 Months...a few days late

Only 2 more months until Jake will hit the big 2! I can't even believe it. He is already acting more grown up some days. And WOW the words he can say and the understanding he has just blows my mind. Over the last month I have started letting Jake help in the kitchen and he loves it. I let him stir or pour ingredients and of course lick the spoons (if it is something yummy). He gets the biggest smile on his face when I pull a chair up to the counter and let him help me cook.

Of course he is still loves to play with balls. His favorite for the day is the "foofball" He now will say 2,3 hut (not sure why he just never says 1). He will show you one finger, but won't say 1 when counting. He also says "catch" and throws the ball to you, but thinks he has to be standing really close to throw the ball and the boy has a super strong arm so standing close isn't such a good idea. When he is hitting his golf clubs or watching Daddy play Tiger Woods golf he will say "ready, ready go" right before each swing. He repeats just about everything we say and can give pretty clear direction about what he wants. And I love that when he is handing something to you he will say "here."

The sweetest parts of our day are before meals and bedtime when my precious boy folds his little hands into praying hands and follows up the prayer with "amen." I love it!!!

Summer is slowing down and we are headed into a busy fall, but we love spending our days together. Jake is just the most wonderful little boy and we are so blessed to have him. I still can't believe only two more months until he is 2 years old. He is so much fun to be with and I love interacting with him, but I still really miss his tiny baby days! Oh how fast time goes...hoping I can some how slow these next 2 months to a snails pace.

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  1. Time goes by so fast! My youngest will be 2 in just 3 months and I am amazed all the time by the things she learns every day!