Monday, September 21, 2009

Water Logged

Here in Georgia it has been raining since Tuesday-almost a straight week of rain and storms. I am really not a fan of rain ever, but this many days makes me really tired of the rain. They actually canceled schools today due to flooding. Several roads are closed because they are giant lakes and some people are even with out power. Thankfully our actual neighborhood isn't flooded and our house is fine. But there are still so many who could use your prayers. There really isn't any sign of the rain letting up until probably Wednesday. The other day after being rained in for a day or two I decided to let Jake play in the rain. Really I had just gotten these rain boots from my sister that I wanted pictures of Jake wearing. The rain boots were too big and he couldn't walk so he wore his crocs for a little while and then went bare foot. He loved every minute and while we were out playing in the rain we saw a rainbow. A nice little reminder that although it has been raining for what seems like forever...God will never send a flood like he did in Genesis. And eventually this rain will pass....but oh how far away that seems. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon in the rain.

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