Monday, July 27, 2009


During the summer we spend almost every weekend in my parents backyard enjoying their swimming pool. I have posted several times of Jake in the pool(he loves it...most of the time), but this weekend my nephew's were their too and thought I would post some of the fun pictures of them doing their pool tricks. Keep in mind they are only 7 and 4, but this year they have both mastered new things. The 7 year old is now flipping and diving off the board and the 4 year old is now swimming all by himself and jumping off the diving board...including jumping over things while jumping off and trying to make slam dunks from in mid-air. We had a lot of fun and Jake enjoyed doing his own thing sitting on the steps or filling buckets with water and dumping them in the grass.

Jake filling his bucket...couldn't have a post without a pic of Jake
Tyler & Austin
Austin midair flip...he lands feet first in the water
Tyler jumping over the floating basketball hoop
Austin flipping over the basketball hoop
Tyler slam dunk into the hoop off the diving board
Austin's running dive...parallel to the water
Tyler's jump foot kick

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