Friday, July 24, 2009


Mornings are usually when Jason spends a good bit of time with Jake. Because he works so much and usually doesn't get home until way past Jake's 7:30 bed time...mornings are special for them. But of course our favorite days are Sundays and Mondays when daddy is home all day. Jake knows the difference and Tuesdays are usually a little rough if we stay can tell he misses Daddy and ask about him a lot. By the middle of the week he is back to normal and really enjoys seeing Jason in the mornings. The first thing he usually does is say "mon dada play" (come on dada lets) play and pulls him by his hand into the play room to play. Too cute.

A lot of mornings Jake wakes up before Jason does and he and I go down stairs and eat breakfast. Jake is usually finished eating when Jason comes down stairs, but you would never know that Jake had already eaten breakfast. When Jason pours his bowl of cereal or whatever he is having for breakfast. Jake is right there with him asking for a bite. So most of Jason's morning breakfast time looks like these pictures. Jake on Jason lap eating his 2nd breakfast of the morning...but most importantly spending a few quality minutes with his favorite person "dada."

During these mornings I usually stay in the living room and read (peacefully), but mostly so that Jason & Jake can have some time together without Jake coming to me. I am with him all day and I love the little conversations I over hear between the 2 of them from the play room, the giggles from Jake and Jason too. I think these moments I peak at are some of my favorite (even if they don't really involve me). These are some of the moments that I can see Jason as the great Dad he is and the moments that make my heart smile even with I think about them later in the day.


  1. Aw, that is so precious. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and son and a great close-knit family. Don't ever take it for granted. That is just such a sweet thing.

  2. My 2-year-old loves her mornings with her daddy too. And I'm grateful that he shares that time with her because - while they play and eat breakfast - I usually enjoy an extra few moments of sleep and snuggling with my 4-month-old.