Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blueberry Pickin'

What a fun thing to do...pick your own blueberries. I visited the site and got a list of all the places in Georgia and what you could pick. Right now is blueberry picking season. So we packed a picnic lunch and took off with Jason, Heather, Caleb, Shannon, Jake, & Me to Berry Patch Farms for some fun in the blueberry fields. Jake had the best time. As long as we let him carry his own bucket he loved every minute of it. Of course we went pretty early in the season so there were a lot of not ripe blueberries and the girl there said they had been really busy over the weekend so a lot of what was ripe was already picked. Jake didn't care, of course he doesn't know the difference between blue & green so he just picked any blueberry he could reach and some off the ground as well. We were also told when we got there that since they don't use pesticides on their plants that they did have some spots where poison ivy was growing. None of us knew what poison ivy looked like (they did have a few spots marked with tape), but every time we saw anything we would ask "is this it." We did all leave with a small fear(some of us had really big fears) that we would wake up the next morning with poison ivy. Thankfully none of us got it and we were able to keep our really good memories of berry picking. I was a little disappointed...I had visions of coming home with so many blueberries we would be eating anything we could think of to use up the blueberries. Like I mentioned earlier early in the season and a lot of pickers meant we only came home with 3/4 of a pound. Everything that Jake had in his bucket we was just for fun for him. I think Shannon left with 1/2 a pound and Heather had a whopping .45 cents worth. But none the less I was still able to make some yummy blueberry waffles and delicious blueberry muffins. Which both Jason & Jake have really enjoyed :) And a post wouldn't be complete with pictures of us out picking our berries. Oh and for those of you who see my facebook post and twitter...I would really like to live on a farm. But mostly to have a huge vegetable garden and lots of fruit too! But not for the grass mowing and stuff!

They had this fun tractor for the kids to play on near their playground
Us...after a hot day of blueberry picking

Caleb and Jake throwing their blueberries or whatever they picked up into the bucket

Oh...there were a few raspberry and blackberry bushes too

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