Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Build A Bear....or Dog

Heather & I took the boys to Build A Bear. We both have been waiting until the day they were old enough to go and enjoy it. As we think it is one of the most fun things you can. We got there and Jake & Caleb both picked out a dog to "build" and Jake was as happy as could be. We waited in line to fill the dog full of stuffing and we watched Heather do it with Caleb. But then came our turn...the lady talked to Jake...of course he instantly freaks out and cries the whole time the dog is being filled with stuffing. But then it was on to the next station bath and brushing. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Jake loves to brush hair so he was a big fan of this and from then on loved it. He and Caleb did have a lot of interest in the computers, but after getting them back on track we were able to pick out some jammies for Jake's dog and get him dressed. But then Jake found the hats...another close to obsession for him. But the hats were $6 and the jammies were $7 wasn't about to just get a hat for his bear. Maybe another day...plus Jake kept trying to put the tiny hats on his head.

Side note...since we bought a baby doll for a birthday party recently Jake has really be into baby dolls and real babies too. The day we bought the one for our neighbor he was in the baby isle at target and kept saying "I want Baby." But thinking Daddy wouldn't be too happy if I bought Jake his own baby we quickly got out of the baby isle and try to avoid it now while at Target.

Because of Jake's said love for babies and being to young to actually pick out a name for his build a dog I chose Baby. We now refer to his dog as baby and he is perfectly happy with that and Daddy isn't upset that he is playing with "girl" toys. Jake will even hold his dog up to his shoulder and pat it's back. Too funny...and super cute.

And of course here are pictures of our fun day at Build a "Dog." The color on the pictures is funny...not sure why. And I am not sure why some of the captions are blue...every time I tried to fix it the whole picture would be deleted.

Picking out his dog
Caleb & Jake so excited to have their dogs
Caleb didn't like the stuffing so both boys watched Heather do it
Putting the stuffing in the dog...I was pushing it with my hand

Giving the dog a hug to see how it feels
Kissing the heart before it goes into the dog
Brushing him
Giving him an air bath
Playing at the computers
Trying different hats on the dog
Getting him dressed
Dog is in his house...time to go


  1. How cute. I bet he loves on "Baby" for a LONG time to come!

  2. That's SOOOOO sweet. I can't wait until Grayson is big enough to take him to build something!