Thursday, July 9, 2009


Our little boy is famous. I used a company called It's all about the cards for our photo birth announcements & his 1st birthday photo invites. I was looking through them today to see if I wanted to do photo 2 year invites as well and saw Jake on their 1st birthday page so I continued to look through. One of the 1st birthday invites was really ours, but all the rest of the birth announcements and the other birthday one they just used Jake's picture. How fun is it that they think he is so cute they use his newborn picture on birth announcements...even for little girl samples to precious. Of course I never had any question that our little boy was the cutest thing ever. Just thought I would share. Although it would be nice if they gave you a discount on future orders if they use your picture, but it is still fun that he is famous! Here are the samples they have on their website that use Jake. I do have to say that It's All About The Cards is a great company to get your photo cards from. They do a great job and each one they do is personal. If you like a design on their page you can change the colors to match your photo or if you have an idea of what you want it send it to them and they will work it up for you and then send you a proof. They are super quick with the turn around time too. Plus they make these really cute address labels to match your photo card. I have really enjoyed getting my stuff from them the last 2 years! Enjoy the samples of our famous boy!!!

Here is the one with him on a girl invite
It is kind of funny to me that they use his newborn picture, but then other baby parts

This was the actual invitation we used for Jake's 1st birthday!!

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  1. Wow, and he's too young to give out autographs! Well, at least we can all say that we "knew him when..."
    Oh, and we all knew he was the cutest baby ever, too, we're just glad that others agree!