Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dedication Presents

We gave Jake 3 presents today for his dedication. Yes, usually the 3 present theme is reserved for Christmas. It really started because I bought Jake 3 new toys at the consignment sale on Thursday. Jason & I talked about saving the toys for gifts, but I am terrible about saving things when I buy them and want to give them to Jake (or anyone for that matter) as soon as I buy them. So we decided that since Sunday was a special day we would wait until then. I went to the consignment sale on Thursday so it wasn't TOO long of a wait. Did I mention that I got all 3 of the toys for only $16?!?! So here is a video of Jake getting his 3 presents. He LOVES them and you can see him playing with the balls and dancing to the singing bird if you listen closely you can hear him roar when the toy roars. Now time to go through the play room and rotate toys. This makes it fun because then I can bring them out a few months later and they are like new again.

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