Tuesday, March 3, 2009

16 Months

WOW…16 months! Hmm…let’s see what new things Jake is doing these days.

Well of course the biggest news is he is WALKING!!! He started walking on Feb. 19th only a little over a week before his 16 month birthday. But now he is all over the place. It was really funny watching him learn how to get up by himself. The first couple of days he was only walking when he could pull himself up on something. Tuesday (feb. 24th) he tried all day to stand up on his own. It was so funny. He would get one foot on the ground, but the other leg was on his knee and he just couldn’t figure out how to get his foot out from underneath him. Then he would stand (downward dog…for you yoga people) legs straight and upper body bent over kind of like an upside down v shape. He would push up and fall backward onto his bottom. You could just see the determination on his face. He really wanted to do it and never gave up trying it again and again. He must have practiced in his sleep how to do it because he woke up Wed. morning and he had no problem standing on his own. He is now all over the place. We saw Austin, Tyler, & Caleb this weekend and they all just think it is so funny to see him walking. Jake has also started trying to jump. He can’t really do it, but he says “jump” and bends his knees. He thinks he is doing it and it is so cute!!! It might be one of my favorite things he does and I get him to do it all the time. TOO CUTE!!!

Speaking of words he says…hmm…what else is he saying lately? Oh one of his favorite things is to dip his food, he says “dip” (extra pronunciation on the P) same with when he says “jump.” I can’t think of any other new words he is saying. He says a ton of stuff. Oh he says “joosh” for juice. Which is funny because he only gets juice 1 day a week when we go to chick-fil-a on Thursdays after Bible study so I think it is funny that he says it when he doesn’t get it that often. He says “bafsh” for bath. And he LOVES to take a bath. You can’t even mention the word around him. When he hears it he goes straight to the gate at the stairs and keeps repeating the word until you take him upstairs to take a bath. Even the other day when Jason said “bathroom” he still thought he was supposed to take a bath. That might be all the new words he says this month.

He is still picky about food. Can’t get him to eat a vegetable to save my life, but I still give them to him twice a day. One day he will remember that he likes them…I hope. Every week it is different what he will and won’t eat. That is a lot of fun to keep up with. One thing never changes he will eat fruit no matter what type. He loves fruit so hopefully he is getting enough vitamins that way. Some days he likes meat some he doesn’t. He usually wants to eat what I am eating even if he has his own food and even some times when we are eating the exact same thing he would rather have mine.

This month Jake turned into Mr. Personality. He loves people now…not all the time, but way more then he used to. He is always waving to people as they pass by and he loves giving other kids/babies hugs. Not sure what made him decide that it was ok to talk to people he didn’t know, but over the last couple of weeks he has changed.

I suppose that is all for this month’s update! Hope you all are doing great!!!

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