Tuesday, March 31, 2009

17 Months

Only 1 month and Jake will be a year and a half. Jason asked the other day when you stop counting their age in months. He thinks at a 18 months you just start calling them a year and a half until they are 2. I am not too sure. I will probably do the monthly updates until he is 2 and then we will see how it goes from there. But as far as calling his age by months...I am not to sure when to I will stop that. I once heard a lady say her child was 46 months and I had to take a few minutes and try to calculate how old that was. It sounded crazy to be counting months when your child was almost 4 years old(for thos of you still trying to figure it out). So my guess would be at 2 I will stop, but I will see how it feels when I get there.

Ok...onto the real reason you are reading...the latest and greatest with our sweet boy Jake!!

Of course he is a pro at walking and now running too. I still think it is hilarious to ask him to jump...still same as in the video. Which if you haven't seen it is too cute and you should scroll down to check it out.

It still amazes me how each day he seems more grown up then the day before. And I am still taking atleast a few pictures of him a week. March seemed to be a busy month with his 1st hair cut, being dedicated, and just plain playing that was just too cute!

He LOVES to play outside(still searching for a plastic climbing/slide toy)!!! It has been pretty rainy here lately and it is just so hard to explain to him that when it is raining we can't go outside. Every couple of hours he goes to the back door and says "out." He gets so sad when I tell him we can't. But soon he is back to running and finding something to play with or get into. Hmmm...other words he has started saying this month, he will put his hands together to pray and says "man" at the end when we pray before each meal...sometimes he thinks he is starving and it makes him mad to pray before I give him his food, but most of the time he will participate. He is also saying "run, "bubble," I think that is all for now. He has a huge vocabulary and sign language counts as words too. He is still signing his usual eat, more, milk, he will occasionally do please.

Along with playing outside he loves balls and books too. Which is great...except for the ball throwing in the house. But I love that he loves books. I hope it will continue throughout his life. I love to read and we have read to him since he was in my belly....in hopes that he would start to love books!

I guess that is all for the 17th month update. Jake is doing great and growing like a weed. We go back to the doctor for an 18 month check up.

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