Friday, February 24, 2012

2 Things

Do you notice two things in this picture? Well I guess really super cute 4 year old cowboy...make the boy a lasso and give him a cowboy hat & he will be a cowboy all day long.  He insisted on being in this picture.

I am not usually a take a self portrait in the bathroom mirror kind of person. But I wanted you to see two things.

1st...look at my sweet Lily in this beautiful ring sling. We are loving baby wearing & I am so glad I went with a ring sling. With Jake I used a mai tei & really liked it, but wanted to try something different this time. I love that you don't have to order the ring sling in a specific size. It is so comfortable. We have used the cradle position the most & love it. But I am sure as she gets a little bigger we will be using the tummy to tummy hold as well. Now to figure out nursing while wearing the sling...would be so much easier then having to take it off to nurse.

And the last thing...did you see what I am using to take the picture? After spending the last several months(or maybe year) using a camera that only partially worked. Borrowing a much better camera for more important things like birthdays & actually births. My wonderful husband bought me a Cannon big girl camera I have been dreaming about for a few years now. I love the pictures my camera takes...and I am hoping I will be able to learn how to actually use that thing. Until then bear with me as I might be the girl with a fancy camera still set on auto.

1 comment:

  1. Great photo! I love the sling, it's so bright and cheerful. And of course the sweet baby girl is a plus too :) Jake's cowboy outfit is cute, I'm sure that will be my Ethan before long. I love your updates and I hope you are enjoying life with two little ones!