Friday, February 24, 2012

1 Month

Lily Pad(Jake's name for you),                   {Look at her face}
You are 1 month old now...hard to believe a month has gone by already! Not much has changed since your 4 week update. You are getting better & better at holding your head up. Looking at us when we talk to you & having longer periods of awake time. You did roll over from your belly to your back 3 times this week. But I am going with it was a totally fluke and your arms must have been positioned just right underneath you to help push you over to your back. You can't be rolling over are only a month old. You haven't done it again since then. Here are several pictures from this 1st month of your life.

{Having a big brother can be so hard}
{Little punching fist in her sleep}
{1st trip to church}
{Getting ready to leave the hospital}
{Playing doctor with Jake}

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