Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Change...labor & delivery pt 2

The day of labor continued with little change. I was able to be up walking around or changing positions as long as I stayed hooked up to the monitors. Because of my previous c-section they wanted to monitor the baby very closely. Any change in her heart rate may have indicated a problem.

After another check at 11 indicated I was 3 seemed little change was happening. Lily was still really high. My midwife was amazing and kept reassuring me that it was my decision. I never once felt pressured to do anything. Around 12 I decided to get my epidural...having heard that sometimes it helps you relax and dilate more quickly. But also knowing it can make things slow down. I really have no idea how you super mom's give birth without an epidural.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with contractions & naps. Hanging out with Jason, my mom & one of my sisters.

Again my midwife was in at 2 and nothing had changed. I wasn't making much progress at all. Had I never had a c-section I probably would have continued to labor. And I thought I really wanted to avoid a c-section again at all cost. Still my midwife was encouraging and leaving it all up to me.

At this point I felt like no matter how long I continued there would be little change. It was the same with Jake he never really came down into the birth canal & I was progressing better with him. So I decided instead of laboring all day long & still ending with a c-section...

I made the choice to have a c-section. (yes, shocking given I really wanted a vbac) So at 2:45 we were wheeled into the operating room. At 3:06pm our precious Lily Kate arrived in this world weighing 8 pounds 1 ounce & 20 inches long. She is absolutely perfect.

I will post soon about how having a 2nd c-section has been totally different then the first time around. But until may be sporadic and sometimes just pictures. I am still in the middle of celebrating our sweet baby girl, spending time with her wonderful big brother & enjoying time being a family of 4!

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