Wednesday, October 7, 2009

28 years

My mother-in-law made these aprons when Jason was little. Recently when we were at their house she asked me if I wanted the little one for Jake. I just had to have a picture taken just like Jason & his dad had. It is crazy that Jason & Jake are exactly the same age. What a treasure to have the same apron that Jason wore when he was little. And let me tell you Jake loves the apron and always asks to wear it. I didn't notice until right as I was about to publish this post that Jason & his Dad are wearing almost the same color shirt 28 years later.

Jason & his dad March 1981

Jake & His Dad Oct. 2009


  1. LOVE this background and I LOVE this post! So wonderful that you got matching pictures, now! :)

  2. This is awesome. You definitely need to scrapbook those photos or something.

    And how funny that the "dads" are wearing almost identical shirts 28 years coincidence! :)