Sunday, April 12, 2009

What does Tiger Say??

Most of you know that Jason really enjoys golf and not just to play either, he likes to watch it on tv. So after our family left he turned on the Masters. Jake enjoys partially watching golf with him. Soon after Jake started talking a lot Jason started asking Jake "What does Tiger Say?" And then Jason would make this sound like when they hit the golf ball and Jake started copying it. (if you have never watched golf you need to turn it on just once to hear the noise) It is pretty cute. He even swings his arm like a golf club (don't judge he is only 17 months...he doesn't have the best swing). I thought you all would enjoy a little Jake especially Opa and Grandpa. Be sure your volume is up so you can hear the sound he makes. With a little practice we just might have the next Zach Johnson on our hands. (by the way...I didn't have to look up his name I just knew he won the Masters two years ago...I know a little golf too).

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  1. I love it. And Zach Johnson is from Cedar Rapids, too!