Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, Busy

This week has been super busy. I have been writing post in my head thinking that as soon as I had a minute I would write. Because we were doing so much...but time has gotten away from me and now almost a 100 pictures later(yes, that was just from Tuesday-Sunday) I don't have time to write lots of fun details about all the things we did, but I will share lots of picutres. To make the picture sharing easier I am going to do a post about each thing and then put a slide show about it because there are so many pictures. Blogger only lets you up load 5 pictures at a time and if I do it that way I will be here FOREVER!! Jason is cooking dinner and I only have until 7:30 before it is ready(it is 7:10 now). So no more time wasting here are all of our pictures posted as seperate blogs!

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