Monday, April 27, 2009

Touch a Truck

Each year Paulding Parks and Rec put on a "touch a truck" event. They fill the parking lot of a local park with fire trucks, ambulance, police cars, tractors, electric trucks and just about every other type of truckish vehicle. It is a little boys dream come true. They get to sit in the seats of trucks and honk horns and just be in the middle of truck mania. Jake loved walking around and sitting in the trucks to drive saying "roun, roun, roun." He has a riding toy at home and when you turn the steering wheel it sings the wheels on the bus go round and round so Jake thinks everything with a steering wheel says "roun, roun." Jake might have been a little young for the whole experience. But he wasn't afraid of all the loud horns and sirens and if nothing else really liked just walking around. He can see his little red face from it being in the upper 80's, but he didn't care. Caleb was a little more into it and just kept saying "big truck" and "tractor." I only took a few pictures at this event so they will just be posted on the page.

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