Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen...Happy Easter!!

WOW!! What a busy day we have had, but a great Easter it has been. We started the day with Jake's Easter basket. He loved it and of course was most excited about the 4 balls, soccer, football, baseball, & basketball. But surprisingly he was excited about his new sippy cups too. Which were really just because I thought they were cute and needed an excuse to buy him even more cups. He also had some sidewalk chalk, little people stuff & a new shirt that says "always hungry." And how true that shirt is. After playing in the basket for a few minutes it was off to get ready for church. We went to our usual 9am church service and then headed home to finish getting ready for our annual brunch(which is held at our house). Thankfully I did most of the preparations the night before I just had a few more things to make. We enjoyed a HUGE feast of delicious food with our family! And then the little boys had an easter egg hunt followed by the older boys. The eggs had different things in them so we did them seperate. Of course Jake didn't really know what he was doing in the egg hunt...Jason was taking him around to get the eggs. Every egg Caleb found he had to open it and eat the candy(fruit snacks) out of the egg before he would put it in his basket. Jake ate his fair share too, but most of his eggs made it in the basket with out being opened. Then we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing in the back yard...we had beautiful weather!! Now Jake is taking a late afternoon nap and so is Daddy. I couldn't wait to share the pictures of our great day with all of you!

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