Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Take Me Out

to the Birthday Party!

Although, Jake's birthday isn't actually until this Sunday we had his party this past weekend.

And at his request we did a baseball theme party. For the first year we didn't have his party at our house, but at a local park. It seemed to be more relaxed(at least for me).
It started with these invites and for the kids a bag of sunflowers seeds. (Thank you to my very best friend's husband for making the invites for us...they looked just like a baseball game ticket)

 An autograph game day baseball...instead of our usual scrapbook page we had everyone sign this baseball

                                           excited about his money & straight into his pocket

Several pictures of him opening his presents, but mostly just because he was so excited and made some of the best faces while he opened presents.

 Jake knew months before his party he wanted a pinata...and as it would turn out he was able to be the one who got the last few hits in before the candy was out and all the kids were grabbing what they could

It wouldn't be a birthday without the cake...right? Again my very best friend make Jake the most perfect baseball birthday cake. He was so excited about the cake and kept saying it was the best birthday cake & it was exactly what he wanted. His one cake request was for it to have a big baseball. And when he saw the giant baseball on top of the cake he declared "everyone else can eat the green cake part, I am going to get the baseball just for me." And as if it was a 1st birthday he was given the whole baseball to eat like a smash cake. It was only a few bites in before he reached for the bowl of chips and was eating them along with his cake. Which by the way tasted every bite as delicious as it looked!!

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