Friday, June 3, 2011

Water Boy

Jake has loved the pool pretty much since the first time he was in it. He is definitely our little water boy.

He does great with his arm floaties on. He will jump in & out of the pool a million times, as well as, jumping off the diving board. He has no fear.

And then he progressed to cannon ball jumping. The 1st couple of times were so cute and he would hold his knees the whole time he was walking on the diving board. And then finally he got that he was supposed to grab his knees once he was in the air. It was so surprising to see how big of a splash my little 3 year old could make.

Of course when you are doing cannon balls what fear is there in diving off daddies shoulders too?

I am pretty sure he will be officially swimming by the end of the summer, but I am hoping the arm floaties stay for a little longer. I feel safer when he has them on and he isn't as cautious as he used to be.

I can't believe how big and brave he is getting.

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