Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daily Moments (5/29-6/4)

Daily Moments...we are living with summer weather & loving it. Although it has been really hot I much prefer that over freezing cold. It is a little early to be in the 90's around here, but being in the pool has helped with that. I tried to get other pictures this week, other wise, you would be tired of seeing Jake in the pool by the end of summer.

Sunday-May 29th-Jason & me enjoying the fire pit...of course Jason had to make  a silly face! But we are still pretty cute!

Monday-May 30th-Memorial Day we had a big hot dog bar with 6 different types of hot dog suggestions and of course tons of toppings giving your hot dog making all the creativity you want. And it was so yummy!!!

Tuesday-May 31st-What do you do when it is super hot and the grass needs to be watered...of course play in the sprinkler.

Wednesday-June 1st-We spent a good portion of our day in this fort. Jake loved it and called it our club. We read books, tickled, and made up our own stories. And enjoyed a fort snack too. This will for sure be a summer staple.

Thursday-June 2nd-Jake with his cousin Caleb taking a break from playing. I thought it was so cute they were both laying on the couch in the same way without any prompting.

Friday-June 3rd-Jake & Caleb enjoying a Friday frozen yogurt treat. Jake refused to look for any of the pictures I was taking. So one with both boys taking bites would have to do as the best for today.

Saturday-June 4th-Jake handed me the camera and said "take a picture of me when I jump." Well, this was the best I could get. My camera was being too slow to get the picture of him in the air, but you can kind of tell he is jumping. This was one of many and he approved that this was an ok jumping picture.

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