Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day at the beach

I mentioned in yesterdays post Jake loved the beach. It was so much fun to see him enjoy it so much.

What a trouper he was. We spent several hours at the beach every single day. Jake was in and out of the water. It was great to have my mom sitting right at the waters edge so when he was tired of being in the water, but we wanted to stay in the water he could go sit with my mom & play in the sand.

The water in Sandestin is totally clear & Jake loved that he could see fish swimming in the water. He spent lots of time trying to catch fish and loved when Uncle Perry caught fish & so did his cousin Austin.

Riding the waves with daddy

playing in the sand
Hello, GQ beach model....so cute
Jake dug his own whole & then wanted to be buried in it.
Taking a break enjoying a shaved ice.

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