Thursday, April 15, 2010

Triple Whammy

It took almost 2 1/ 2(well in a little over a week) years for this to happen & my heart is so sad for it! Our sweet almost 2 1/2 year old is sick, not just a little sick, but triple whammy sick. He has double ear infections & strep throat. poor sweet boy.

He has had a cough all week, but nothing that seemed too bad. Besides everyone here seems to have a cough that is what happens when you are choking on a pollen count over 5000(did you know that 120 is extreme). Plus you just can't keep a 2 year old in the house so he breaths it and chokes like the rest of us.

Yesterday we noticed he didn't seem to be eating as much as usual, but still just thought it was a little cold. He felt a little warm, but I try not to take temperatures around here unless he feels really hot. I mean a fever means your body is doing what it was made to do & fight off the infection. We gave him some motrin to make him more comfortable. He did say "he felt bad," but was still mostly acting ok.

Then comes today he woke up feeling pretty warm so I busted out the thermometer and he had a fever of 102.6 give him more motrin and he is back to normal. Still has his icky cough, but really running around and acting like Jake, but without eating too. I went back & forth all day about taking him to the doctor.

He started to feel warm again late this afternoon & I thought it best to take him in. For those of you who remember this with our last pediatrician I will say we didn't go back there. We have an Urgent care right up the street & I had heard great things about them. So I took him there. They were great and super nice and got us in pretty quickly.

I was really expecting them to say it was allergies or sinus and recommend something for him.

They took his fever and it was 104.5....Yes!! 104.5 Umm...that sounded really high to me and they seemed to be a little freaked out about it being that high too. But they reassured me that it was ok. They were just going to give him motrin and try to bring the fever down & keep us there until it came down some. Well, about 2 minutes later the nurse comes back in & says "the doctor wants him to take some Tylenol as well." This of course had me a little more worried thinking it must be a little more serious then 1st thought.

The doctor came in & checked him out...said his ears were red and his throat looked red too. Usually with a fever this high they have strep so they would test him for that as well.

Sure enough...she comes back in and says "he has double ear infections & strep throat." It took everything I had to not bust into tears. Thinking "oh my gosh he really didn't act that sick." She kept saying "he hasn't been pulling at his ears?" But he really hadn't acted much different. Talk about feeling like total do I not know that my sweet boy is so sick.

Because his fever was so high and still had only dropped a little they gave him a shot of antibiotics in the leg & a prescription for an antibiotic as well.

So we made it 2 and almost a half years until he had to have his 1st dose of antibiotics. He seemed better by the time we got home from the doctor and wanted to go play outside. He did keep asking me after we left "why that lady have to give me a shot in my leg?"

If you have been around my child in the last couple of days I am sorry...we really had no idea it was anything more then allergy related.

Of course he couldn't get his first sickness and have it be he had to go all the way. Hopefully this is the 1st and last for a long time.

Here is a picture of our sweet boy on the day he was diagnosed with his 1st real sickness. Please excuse the messy face it was a last minute decision for me to take his picture and the only one I have from today. We had just finished eating dinner.

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