Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have always wanted a garden. In my dreams I live on a farm with tons of fresh everything. But when I am awake I live in the suburbs with only 3/4 of an acre (including the ground our house sits on). This doesn't leave much room for too much fresh stuff. Not to mention we have rules in our neighborhood that prohibit much live/fresh anything.

We finally took the plunge this year and planted a garden. I felt so Martha Stewart & I loved every minute of it. I will say my wonderful hubby did the hard work like tilling up the ground and adding new soil to be tilled in as well. I got dirty when all that was finished and planted the stuff with Jason's help and of course Jake's too.

I am so afraid nothing will grow or that things will eat what has grown, but I check on it everyday (it has only been 4 days).

Here is the run down of what we planted:
6 tomato plants, 1 jalapeno & 1 banana pepper plant
Squash seeds, green bean seeds, & cucumber seeds

It is so exciting, but nerve wracking too. Oh please little garden of ours be fruitful...or would you really say veggieful? Since that is all we planted. Of course any & all advice about garden is very welcome!! Tell me How Does Your Garden Grow?

And of course a blog or garden wouldn't be complete without pictures. Hopefully this will be a regular post with tons of great updates on all the fun we are having in our garden.

See my cute gloves, it was the only thing I could get...I really want a cute hat and tons of other cute garden tools, but Jason says I am making the garden more expensive then it needs to be

I didn't realize the only picture I had of the whole garden and Jake was so blurry...hopefully we will get a better one next time.


  1. Your garden will be fruitful as well...tomatoes and cucumbers are both technically fruit! LOL ;-)I wish my yard was flat like yours.

  2. So proud of you for taking the first step (that's always the hardest!). Tim and I keep saying we want a garden, but we haven't started anything yet. Hopefully someday...soon. :)