Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He is Risen!!


Easter just might be the greatest reason to celebrate! Just think our Savior conquered the grave to save us from our yucky sin. What could be a better reason to celebrate?

Jake & I kicked off Good Friday with some of our very good friends and their church. They hold a cross walk every year. We walked through downtown Dallas following a big wooden cross. Just as Jesus had to carry his own cross to be crucified. Along the way we would stop and read each station of the cross.(you can see a small overview of them here) Although, it was very hot(I am loving this weather) we really enjoyed getting into the meaning of the season & learning more about what Christ endured. (I guess really me...Jake just was along for the ride in his stroller.)

We followed Fridays cross walk by going to my mom's house and dying Easter eggs with all my nephews and my cousin who was in town from Florida. The boys loved it & thanks so much to Family Fun magazine for their great tip of putting the egg in a whisk and using that to dye the eggs. No colored hands for the little boys!!!

The Easter bunny made a stop at our house and Jake was so excited when he woke up. We use the same basket every year, so the night before Easter Jake & I sat his basket out with a carrot for the bunny. This was a mistake, at least 4 times after I put Jake to bed he came down stairs wanting to know if the Easter bunny had come yet. (thankfully he hadn't). But when it was finally morning Jake was so excited to see that the bunny had eaten his carrot and all the fun stuff that was in his basket.

Then of course we enjoyed an amazing church service on Sunday morning. It was full of great celebration for our risen King (including a strobe light show)!!! Have I mentioned before we attend a contemporary rock and roll church & Love it! During the service our band sang a great song that was accompanied by video clips that I think brought tears to everyone's eyes. How He Loves Us you can hear the song by clicking the link...amazing!!!

Afterward we headed home to prepare for our annual Easter brunch in our beautiful new kitchen. And the Easter egg hunt in our back yard. It was so fun to see Jake during the egg hunt. I was very surprised he knew exactly what to do and took off running out the back door and grabbing every egg he saw. Too cute!!!

We all had a great time and some of the best moments of the season were teaching Jake about Easter. He loves to sing "Hosanna" & always asks me to turn it on as soon as we get in the car.

Of course a post about Easter wouldn't be complete without pictures of our Easter Weekend!


  1. Look at his little argyle sweater! So perfectly preppy. :)

    Happy Belated Easter.

  2. The boys look SO handsome in their easter outfits!!!