Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Farmers Market Basket

Today was Fruit & Vegetable Christmas. We have this thing called the farmers market basket and for $18 you can get a giant basket filled with fruit & veggies from the farmers market delivered to a pick up location near you. A friend of mine set one up in our neighborhood & today was the 1st pick up day.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! We have so much stuff and I am so excited to use up all these great fruits & veggies. Jake was pretty excited about it too. We sat on the floor and looked at each item. Then he decided to grab a piece of broccoli and start eating it straight from the basket.

It was so fun and totally like Christmas. Other then the pineapple & grapes which I special ordered we had no idea what would be in the baskets. It will be so fun using things I would have never bought like bok choy which came this week.

Here is what we got:
bok choy, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas, nectarines, garlic, cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, lemons, & cilantro

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