Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday it snowed in Georgia for like the millionth time this winter. I am so OVER the cold I can't stand it any more. The snow just topped it off for me. Oh please Spring hurry up. I am so ready & I promise you won't hear me complain one time about how hot it is here in the summer. I am going to enjoy every single rain of sunshine I can find no matter how hot it is. I can't take the cold any more and especially not any more snow. Really...did you catch where I live GEORGIA I don't live in the north or anywhere that is known for isn't supposed to snow this much in Georgia...ugh...please give me spring. My only hope is that the weather man is right with his claims of 65 degrees and sunny this weekend.

Of course even as much as I loathe the snow Jake loves it and would stay out forever...& I of course have to take pictures even though they are all starting to look the same.

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